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Non-structural blind rivets


washers mass rivets caps




Bralo place at your disposal several accessories that improve our rivets performance.


Our washers are manufactured with the best quality steel and have received a special heat treatment to ensure a safe quality fastening.

A washer is an accessory widely used when the back side of the application is made of a soft or brittle material (plastic, wood, etc.) or when the drill in that back side is too big.
With the fastening forces in motion, the inner drill of the washer adjusts itself to the rivet expansion. This way, the outer diameter of the washer distributes the pressure (axial load) without deforming the soft material, preventing the mandrel to go too low and, consequently, managing that the mandrel breaks exactly at the desired breaking point.

The washers are available in a wide range of rivet diameters: from 2.4 mm. to 6.4 mm. Under request, we can also design washers for special applications

  • Features and benefits
    • Simple and fast solution for the use of rivets in soft materials when we have access to both sides of the application.
    • They are appropriately used in situations where the drill in the back side of the application is too big.
    • Big blind bearing area in the back side of the application that distributes both the load and the torque force.
    • They are very useful in repairs and also when, as a consequence of replacing rivets, the drills get too big.

  • Materials to be fastened with washers

Metal to plastic

Metal to wood

Metal to fiberglass

Metal to soft materials and in general those with a low resistance

Plastic to plastic

Plastic to soft materials and in general those with a low resistance

  • Applications
    • Plastic industry.
    • Wood industry.
    • Plastic carpentry or PVC.
    • Plastic components in general.


Bralo Mass rivets are mandrel-breaking blind rivets manufactured in different materials; the head is made of brass, the mandrel is made of coppered steel, while the mass is also made of brass.

They have been conceived to effectively earth on painted sheets without damaging the finish. Bralo Mass rivets are provided with a serration that enters the lacquered surface, achieving an optimal conductivity and a solid and resistant fastening.


  • Key features and benefits
    • Easy assembly in applications with a difficult access.
    • Single-sided access (blind rivet).
    • Outstanding conductivity.
    • It does not deform surfaces once they have been fastened (painted, enameled, etc.).
    • Double tongue that permits one or two connections.
    • Manufactured in 3.4 mm and 4.0 mm. diameters with a dome head.
    • It is applied with simple, fast and lightweight tools.

  • Applications
    • Electronics
    • Electrical appliances
    • Lights
    • Air conditioning

CAPS (Nylon)

Bralo caps are made of Nylon and are designed to protect and improve the visual aspect of blind rivets.

Simple and fast setting process. Prior to the riveting process, the rivet body is placed in the area designed for the fastening, then is introduced in the application and, after the riveting process is finished, the cap is closed with a click.

They can be used with standard rivets of 3.2 to 4.8 mm with a head diameter up to 9.5 mm. and are available in a wide range of colours.

  • Key benefits:
    • Aesthetics
    • Protection against atmospheric agents
    • Sealing

  • For use with rivets
    • Rivets diameters: From 3,0 mm to 5,0 mm.
    • Head diameters: From 6.0 mm to 9,5 mm.

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