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Non-structural blind rivets


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BSV SPEED RIVET (Aluminium, Steel and Stainless Steel)

Speed rivet with a repetition system suitable for applications with soft or fragile materials. Bralo BSV Rivet is synonymous with control and efficiency.


Bralo BSV Speed Rivets are designed for the joint of soft or low resistance materials that require a controlled tightening.

They are supplied in a strip of paper (loading system) and placed using a repetition system with a single mandrel. At the end of a riveting cycle, the next rivet is automatically fed in the tool nose-piece, ready to begin a new cycle. The result is a fast, simple and low cost assembly.


Features and benefits

  • Single-side high speed assembly
  • High precision and high quality assembly.
  • It increases productivity: there are no interruptions and up to 60 rivets per minute can be placed.
  • Diversity. It is available in a wide range of materials: aluminium, steel and stainless steel.
  • It does not deform surfaces after the riveting process is finished (painted, glazed…etc.).
  • Different materials, with different types of manufacturing can be fastened: composites, laminates, heat treated materials, etc.
  • Conical end to facilitate the hole entry
  • It expands radially during installation to ensure the best hole fill.
  • Having no mandrel means avoiding noises or short circuits resulting from residual portions of mandrels inside the body.
  • They do not come loose from dynamic stress (vibrations in general).
  • Their bulging or pre-shaped end provide a high torque value in the joint and a good resistance to shear strength.

Materials to be fastened

Metal to plastic

Metal to wood

Metal to fiberglass

Metal to soft materials and low resistance materials in general.

Plastic to plastic

Plastic to soft materials and low resistance materials in general




  • Plastic industry
  • Wood industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Electronics and electrical engineering
  • Electrical appliances
  • Injection moulded components
  • Plastic in general
  • Light fabrication in general

Technical Characteristics

Materials:Aluminium and Steel.

Diameters:3.2 mm, 4.0 mm and 4.8 mm.

Heads:     Dome and Countersunk heads.

Dome Head
It is the most versatile type of head. It provides enough bearing surface to retain all kinds of materials, except those extremely smooth and brittle.
Countersunk Head
This type of head allows the riveting of a bigger thickness and it is designed to obtain a flat surface, free of projections

Body Mandrel 2,4 mm 3,0 mm 3,2 mm 4,0 mm 4,8 mm 5,0 mm 6,0 mm 6,4 mm 9,7 mm


Bralo BSV Speed Rivet is available with anodising. This process protects aluminium from abrasion, corrosion and it allows it also to be tinted in a wide variety of colours. Anodising gives the application a higher resistance and durability.

Another finish option for the BSV is the galvanic zincating (black zincating), available only for the steel BSV rivet. This coating protects steel from oxidation and corrosion, improving, at the same time, the visual aspect of the item.

Steel Galvanic zincating
Aluminium Anodising
Stainless steel  


Name Body Mandrel Dome Large Countersunk
BSV SPEED RIVET Aluminium      

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